Delve Week 11 (I think. . .)

Lynsey Ficker
2 min readApr 8, 2020

Well, this has certainly been a wild ride, huh?

With the rise of Covid-19 and closures of many businesses, the outlook for our company in the current state of the world is. . .not the best. Since our company is so based on providing experiences with others in cool and exciting places, and that involves being in close proximity with each other (which is, uh, certainly not allowed right now), things are feeling pretty uncertain.

We know this: we’ve spent a great deal of time brainstorming this idea, thinking up a name for our service and finding a business model that feels right for us. Now we face this question: do we pivot, or do we tank? The answer seems obvious, that we should pivot to something else, but this also has left us feeling frantic and uncertain, especially since this project is due in a week (and that’s a yikes!). SO, for us, we would say that Covid-19 has been our biggest challenge, and this is especially true because it came out of the blue. It’s not everyday that a global pandemic comes around and knocks your small business right on its ass. This is really one of those “no, that wouldn’t happen to us!” things that is now happening to us. So we’ve just got to deal with it.

Despite this unforeseen challenge, we do think that we’ve made quite a bit of progress on our brand direction, branding, and design sections. These things are all pretty important to cultivating a business that has the power to grow and withstand challenges. We also would like to give ourselves a pat on the back for even LANDING on a business choice in the first place, since we bounced COUNTLESS ideas around for a couple of weeks before eventually pivoting to our idea now.

Aside from these successes, we would also like to acknowledge the fact that we spent a good deal of time thinking about our business model (especially the money part because that got really confusing for us for a bit there) and I know we made leaps and bounds on understanding that aspect of a business. WOO! Go team!