Delve: Week 5

Lynsey Ficker
1 min readFeb 12, 2020


Tymacia Atkins, Lynsey Ficker, Abigail Kreimer, Kevin Habib

Our team is composed of two design majors and two business majors and we’re all ready to put our best foot forward and gain some new knowledge!

Abby Kreimer — Abby would love to develop the skills it takes to run a business and understand how marketing behind products works.

Lynsey Ficker — Lynsey is looking to develop skills in entrepreneurship since she currently has no business background and only a narrow understanding of business and how businesses work. She is interested in gaining more knowledge on what makes a business successful and looking to gain more confidence in herself and her ideas.

Kevin Habib —Kevin would like to develop skills that will help him know what steps to take when researching and designing a new business idea. After that, he thinks it would be nice to learn how to implement a business plan, as in, where does one start when trying to expand his or her idea into reality. Lastly, it would be helpful to learn skills that will help him sell his ideas; in other words, how can he present his idea to an audience and be convincing.

Tymacia Atkins —Ty is looking to develop a more clear and concise understanding of analytical thinking. She would like to be able to expand her networking skills and learn all the creative ways of decision making.

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