Delve: Week 7

Lynsey Ficker
2 min readFeb 26, 2020


Tymacia Atkins, Lynsey Ficker, Abigail Kreimer, Kevin Habib

Our customer could be anyone and everyone.

We are thinking our customer could vary in age — no limit to who could use our service. (18+)

We think we could gain a younger audience based on the fact that so many young people use social media like Instagram to share photos — this would be a great way for us to accumulate more customers as well, as people posting photos from our events can advertise for us — for free, too.

However, we also think that we could appeal to a more mature audience of people, because people of ALL ages like having fun and going out with friends.

Garnering on older audience would be easier done through word of mouth (family member to family member or friend to friend), or Facebook, since so many older people have found themselves using Facebook more than any other social media platform.

Our customer could be anyone who is looking to have fun and get to know Cincinnati and the history and culture of the city better. They are someone who is always looking for something unique to do, always down for the next adventure and always ready to have a good time.

Persona 1: Willow

Willow is a 24 year old recent graduate of The Ohio State University. Originally from Columbus, she has moved to Cincinnati for work at Children’s Hospital as an RN. She has been to Cincinnati before, but hasn’t had the chance to explore much more than the well known parts of the city. While perusing Instagram one day, she receives a sponsored ad for a company called Delve, which markets itself as “an experience event package” company. Intrigued by this ad, she clicks on the link and is redirected to a site that prompts her with a short “quiz” about what she likes to do for fun when she has free time. Based on her answers, Delve will show Willow a variety of experience packages for events she may be interested in. She likes this personalized experience, buys a package for a wine tasting and painting class in OTR, and has a great experience exploring the city and making art with new people.

Persona 2: Mary and Steve

Mary and Steve are an older (54, 56) married couple who have lived in Cincinnati their whole lives. The couple enjoys hanging out with their kids and grandchildren. They aren’t very techy, but recently their daughter Olivia mentioned a new package experience company that offers a group of experiences for a cheaper price. Mary and Steve think this could be another great opportunity to spend quality time with their kids, and they decide to choose a package that would give them a tour of the banks, dinner at The Yard House, and tickets to a Cincinnati Cyclones game. They are excited to get out and see all of the awesome changes taking place down at the banks while also spending time with their daughter and son.



Lynsey Ficker