Delve Week 8

Lynsey Ficker
2 min readMar 4, 2020

We are now moving on to looking at different marketing and advertising processes we could use to sell this product and boost exposure.

Social media is one way in which we will present our product. Many social platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook allow companies and individuals to promote posts. These promoted posts will show up on the feeds of individuals who may have an interest in the product or service being offered. Delve could easily be marketed in this way, especially since it is incredibly easy to turn an Instagram “personal” account into a “business” account with just a few clicks. Once you become a business account, all you have to do is “promote” your posts to gain more exposure and activity. Instagram and Twitter could also help us in a different way. If we had a few “social media influencers” review our product on their page, this would gain more exposure for us as well, and could potentially market the product to a wider audience.

Another way we will market this service is including testimonials on our website or app, and by garnering positive reviews from real consumers. This will help us gain credit and show that we have a great product to offer.

Another way we will sell this product is with beautiful, minimal, and functional design of product posts, websites, and all advertising materials. This minimalistic branding and simple and clean UX/UI design will make it easy for customers to understand and use our service and will make them feel that they are using a high-end service, thanks to the sleek design.